Jace Clayton

Jace Clayton is a New York based interdisciplinary artist and writer also known for his work as DJ /rupture.

In the mid-1990s Clayton was a member of Toneburst, once described as "Boston's most active and visible experimental electronic art/music/DJ collective." As DJ /rupture, Clayton has released several critically acclaimed albums starting with 2001’s Gold Teeth Thief. He has performed widely, including DJing in a band with Norah Jones, two Peel Sessions for the late UK broadcaster John Peel, and as a turntable soloist with the 80-member Barcelona Symphony Orchestra.

A rigorous conceptual framework grounds each of Clayton’s projects as they move across diverse areas like software design, sculptural objects and performance, and his approach focuses on how sound, memory, and public space interact, with an emphasis on low-income communities and the global South. In spring 2012, he released Sufi Plug Ins v1.0, a free suite of audio software tools based on non-western/poetic conceptions of sound and alternative interfaces. In 2013 he debuted The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner, a performance piece that restages two Julius Eastman compositions using pianos and real time electronic processing, accompanied by a new libretto about the job search for an Eastman impersonator. Clayton currently teaches at Bard’s MFA program and his book Uproot: Travels in Twenty-First-Century Music & Global Digital Culture was published in October 2016 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux.