Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval is a Norwegian musician, singer, songwriter, lyricist and writer who has released six albums: two under the moniker Rockettothesky, and four under her own name.

Hval’s polyphonic artistry is seamlessly interwoven between musical, literary, visual and performative modes of expression, and she developed a distinct take on intimate sound with the release of her debut album, To Sing You Apple Trees, in 2006.

Apocalypse, girl, Hval’s 2015 debut for Sacred Bones, received widespread acclaim for her singular delivery and markedly non-traditional arrangements. Her latest longplayer, Blood Bitch, was co-produced with noise producer Lasse Marhaug, and took influence from vampires, menstruation and 1970s horror films. Hval published a novel Perlebryggeriet (Pearl Brewery) in 2009, and has also published works in journals and anthologies, after studying literature and working as a freelance columnist and writer.