Bao-Tran Tran, AKA mobilegirl, is a recent transplant to Berlin’s music scene which she has been enriching with her powerful danceable rhythms.

mobilegirl grew up in Munich, Germany where she studied Media and Computer Science and has been a fairly new addition to the Berlin music scene. She connected with Stockholm’s Staycore soon after she started making music and is set to release her debut EP in 2017. As a DJ, mobilegirl focuses on powerful danceable rhythms and manages to blend music styles from different ends of the spectrum. Her sets are to be described as eclectic yet cohesive and create an arc that fuels the dance floor with euphoria and nostalgia as she has a predilection for 2000’s R&B anthems. With three Boiler Room appearances in 2016 alone she’s ranked amongst the most of that year. She has performed in cities all over Europe, including London, Stockholm, Barcelona and recently completed her first Asia tour with shows in Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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