Stefan Betke aka Pole is an electronic music artist, producer, remixer, mastering engineer and the founder of the ~scape and Pole labels.

The Düsseldorf-native musician forged a two decade career in abstract electronic club music, including six albums released under the Pole moniker, beginning with his dark blue debut album 1 which developed into a trilogy of albums joined by 2 and 3. Together with Barbara Preisinger, Betke created the label ˜scape Records in 1999 and soon afterwards opened his own mastering studio, scape-mastering. Until it closed in 2010 ˜scape Records amassed a reservoir of contemporary excursions in dub, electronica and jazz, with numerous releases by Jan Jelinek, Deadbeat and Kit Clayton. Betke continues to operate the scape studio, where he has produced a considerable number of remixes for a range of artists including Depeche Mode, Louis Armstrong, Roll The Dice, and The Orb feat. Lee Perry, and mastered countless tracks and albums for Richie Hawtin, Norm Talley, Delano Smith, Josh T. Pearson, Erasure, Apparat, Grinderman, Gudrun Gut, Thomas Fehlmann, The Orb, Mathew Jonson and Wim Wenders.

Elements of improvisation have played an equally constant and central role for Betke through live performances, both in small clubs and on the biggest festival stages. In order to keep his own back catalog available and to release new albums without external interference, Stefan Betke founded the Pole label in Berlin in 2011 where his latest album Wald accordingly appeared. Betke is also regularly invited to share his knowledge with students and musicians/producers in workshops at festivals and universities, such as Mutek/ Montreal, Unsound/Krakau, Merz Academie/Stuttgart and AKG Scholarship of Sound/Berlin.