Tom Hall

Tom Hall is an audio/visual artist and Cycling '74 employee based in Los Angeles.

Tom has been a Max user since studying at Kyoto Seika University, Japan in early 2000. After moving back to Australia he continued using Max and started one of the first Australian Ableton Live User Groups in Brisbane in early 2006. This led to being a beta tester of earlier versions of Live and subsequently a tester of the first beta versions of Max For Live, prior to its initial release.

After relocating to Los Angeles in 2011, Tom joined Cycling ’74 as a Content Developer, and began producing Max For Live content and educational materials such as the widely viewed 'Programming in Max For Live' YouTube series. Tom is also involved in the production of workshops and user outreach events.

In LA, Tom is in high demand as a programmer for studio musicians, composers, and artists, while still finding time to play and present live a/v performances and release an extensive range of works under both his name and pseudonym, Axxonn.