Here is an overview of some of the presentations, discussions, performances, installations, workshops and studio sessions at Loop 2017.


Goldie, Chloe x Halle, Jenny Hval,Laurel Halo, Machinedrum, Nosaj Thing + Daito ManabeSusan Rogers, The Nile Project, William Basinski

Artists in Conversation

AbayomiJowaaSki Oakenfull, Stro Elliot, Alkalino, Greg Wilson, JD Twitch

Live Track Deconstruction Sessions

Mandy Parnell

The Art of Mastering Audio

Through my Speakers , Discwoman, Butterz

Building Creative Ecosystems

HAU Hebbel am Ufer presents 

Plattenspieler Sessions with Jlin, Gilles Peterson

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Minh Le

The Golden Record: NASA's Voyager Disc 40 Years On

Jace Clayton

Uproot: Global Travels in 21st Century Music

Nick Collins

MusAIcal Corposition: Artificial Intelligence, Large Audio Collections and You

Koka Nikoladze

Beatboxes from Wire and Wood: A Look into the Instrument Creator's Workshop

David Möllerstedt 

Cultivating Developer Creativity at Teenage Engineering

Paul Adenot

Break Down the Breakdown: Coding the Elements of Dance Music 

Susan Rogers

Hidden Hearing Loss: The Origin of Common Hearing Disorders

The Wire presents

The Invisible Jukebox with Ben Frost

Ruth John

Your Browser Is The Studio: New Developments in Web Audio and Web MIDI

Tero Parviainen

How Generative Music Works: A Developer's Perspective

Trevor Wishart

Electroacoustic Music and The Composers' Desktop Project

SK Shlomo

Voice vs Machine: A Beatboxer's Journey through Tech

Yotam Mann

Making Music Interactive 

Andrey Smirnov

Leon Theremin's Rhythmicon

Adam Neely

New Horizons in Music: Polyrhythms

Victoria Armstrong

What do we mean by Inclusion in Music Education?

Cycling '74

Gen~: Inside Max’s secret weapon

Paul Goodwin

Re-visioning Black Urbanism Through Music

Gene Kogan

Deep Listener: Machine Learning in the Composer's Future Toolkit

Francis Preve, Peter Kirn

Listening: The Secret of Sound Design

Geoffroy Sauve, Dirk Ehlert

Composing for Music Libraries

Kaffe Matthews

Artist Talk: Learning to Listen

Honey Dijon

Meet, Mate, Create, Participate: A Conversation with Honey Dijon

Katie Gately

How Much Can You Feel: Film Screening and Conversation

Dolby Atmos, Metrik

Producing Music in Dolby Atmos


History of the MC


A Performative Presentation with Tennyson



Doseone, Katie Gately, SK Shlomo

I Speak Music: Manipulating, Improvising and Composing with Vocals

Paul Adenot, Ruth John, Yotam Mann

Plotting the Future of Web Audio

Deepchild, Emika, Help Musicians, Nosaj Thing

Finding Balance: Conversations on Musicianship and Mental Health

Alice Eldridge, Gijs Gieskes, Koka Nikoladze

Motors, Magnets and Motion: Electronic Music Instruments from the Physical World

Adam Neely, Andrew Huang, Rachel K Collier

The Screen is Your Stage: Making Music for Online Audiences

Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos, Lauren Sarah Hayes

A Sense of Touch: Haptics in New Musical Instruments

Ethan Hein, Jack Schaedler, Melissa Uye-Parker

New Approaches to Music Education Using Technology

Machinedrum, Kaki King and Abayomi, hosted by Dennis DeSantis

Unlocking Creative Blocks

Jlin, Lotic, Minhtendo, mobilegirl

Sounds of Today, Sounds for Tomorrow

Darren E Cowley, Madeleine Bloom, Micah Frank

Code the Boutique

Aragorn Eissler, Hussein Sherbini, Max Wheeler, Melissa Uye-Parker, Victoria Armstrong, Will Kuhn

Beyond Curriculum: New Approaches in Music Education

Akala, Mat Dryhurst, The Nile Project

Music as a voice in Society

Adam Marshall, Markus Müller

Seeing Sounds: Curator & Artist Talk

Chloe Martini, mobilegirl, Sapphire Slows,  Zora Jones, Catanapp, DJ Haram, Linnea, Sarah Farina

Young Producers Roundtable: Building Networks of Support, From D.I.Y. to ProfessionalFinding your voice

Lauren Hayes, Paul Goodwin, Tobias von Hofsten

Beyond Curriculum: Roundtable Discussion on Music Education

Khaled Kurbeh

Sounds of the Diaspora: An exchange of experiences with Khaled Kurbeh and guests


Performances at Funkhaus across the weekend include:

Caterina Barbieri
Chloe x Halle
Dedekind Cut
Jenny Hval
Kaki King - The Neck is a Bridge to the Body
Khaled Kurbeh & Raman Khalaf Ensemble x Oriel Quartett
Laurel Halo with Eli Keszler
Myriam Bleau: Soft Revolvers
Nosaj Thing x Daito Manabe
The Nile Project
William Basinski
Visible Cloaks



LEAF Audio

Build Your Own Microphonic Soundbox Workshop I and Workshop II

The Nile Project

East African Drumming Workshop & East African Vocal Workshop

Brian Smith

Learn by Example: Fundamentals of Synthesis

Phelan Kane

Learn by Example: Wavetable Synthesis

Francis Preve

Learn by Example: FM Synthesis

J. Anthony Allen

Don't Let Music Theory Bully You: A Crash Course for Electronic Musicians Workshop I and Workshop II

Flava D, Pole

Bass Management Boot Camp

Planetary Cymatic Resonance

Brainwave Stimulation & Therapeutic Sound Workshop I and Workshop II

Phelan Kane, Milton Mermikides

Breaking out of 4/4 Time Workshop I and Workshop II

Pierre-Antoine Grison

Less is More: Make an Entire Track from a Single Sample Workshop I and Workshop II

Berlin Community Radio

Creative Sound Design for Online Radio 

Claire Tolan

ShÜSh: ASMR as Performative Technique

Nick Collins

An Introduction to SuperCollider

Tom Hall from Cycling '74

Hit the Edit Button: Creating Max for Live devices

Ricardo Luna

Ghost in the Machine: Using Randomness Creatively Workshop I and Workshop II

Peter Kirn

Optical Strategies: Performing Visuals with Music

Eliad Wagner

Classic Sound Design for Sci-Fi

Benjamin Bacon

Building Instruments with the Max for Live Connection Kit

Robin Koek

Sound Spatialisation With Live and Max for Live

Yotam Mann

Interactive Music with Tone.js

Gene Kogan

Machine Learning for Music Makers

Susan Rogers

Analog Recording and Production Techniques

Andrey Smirnov

Leon Theremin's Rhythmicon Workshop

Illum Sphere, Shure

The Sounds Around You: A Mobile Recording Workshop I-1 and Workshop I-2 + Workshop II-1 and Workshop II-2


Game Scoring Workshop

More workshops to be announced soon.

*Due to the small group format of these events, workshops will require pre-registration.

Studio Sessions*

Listening and process-focused studio sessions take place across several of Funkhaus’ professional sound studios. The intimate settings are designed to facilitate direct interaction with the participating musicians and artists. 

Sound Design Masterclass hosted by Francis Preve

Preparing Tracks for Vinyl & Dubplate hosted by Goth-Trad

Mastering Class hosted by Mandy Parnell, Pole

Into the Box: Processing Hardware Instruments hosted by Pole

Composing with Chance Operations hosted by Visible Cloaks

Extreme Iteration: Creative Digital Processing hosted by M.E.S.H.

Producing on the Road hosted by Sapphire Slows

From Commission to Exhibition: Writing Music to a Brief hosted by Ski Oakenfull

Finger Drumming Masterclass hosted by Stro Elliot 

Beyond Stereo: Mixing in 3D Space(I) and Mixing in 3D Space(II) hosted by Dolby Atmos

The Art of Lo-Fi Recording hosted by Stereo Total

Voice as a Conduit to Healing hosted by K Á R Y Y N

From Songwriting to the Stage hosted by Rachel K Collier

The Conscious Unconscious: A Directed Group Improvisation hosted by RYAT

Studio Sessions hosted by Katie Gately, Ben FrostMachinedrumNosaj ThingKaki KingSorne

Listening Sessions hosted by Mandy Parnell, Tennyson, Honey Dijon, Ryat, Lotic, Dedekind Cut, Emika, Sorne, K Á R Y Y NGilles PetersonAndrew HuangMachinedrum

*Due to the small group format of these events, studio sessions will require pre-registration. 

Loop x CDR Klubnacht

Loop passes include access to the Loop club night. Non-Loop passholders can buy tickets at the door.

Loop x CDR Klubnacht
Saturday 11 Nov, 11pm – 11am
Venue: Tresor and OHM takeover

Featuring a night of live performances and DJ sets across four rooms from Jlin, Machinedrum, Gilles Peterson, mobilegirl, Nosaj Thing, JD Twitch and many more. Full line-up to be announced in October.



Cancellation note: Guitar Moves and 1500 or Nothin' can no longer participate at Loop 2017 due to unforeseen reasons.