3Destruct is a space of visual and sonic deconstruction, offering an immersive experience in a nonlinear world.

To step inside is to enter a world made of constantly shifting planes and shafts of light; where rooms construct themselves before your eyes and just as quickly take themselves apart. Moments of tranquil repose are followed by violent fits of reconfigurement. The sound design can likewise turn on a dime, from cool minimalist tones to volleys of pulsating noise, like the sound of electrical wires whipping in the wind. It’s an overwhelming sensory experience, but also a curiously sensitive one. For Jacquet and Peeters, an installation like this always begins with space, what follows is a response to what already exists, whether it’s the car park in which 3Destruct was first conceived, its first proper home at the the Biennale d’art contemporain of Louvain­- la­-Neuve, Belgium in 2007, an ethnobotanical garden in Oaxaca, Mexico, or the Funkhaus Sound Chamber - which is where you’ll find it at Loop. Likewise, Vaquié’s soundtrack is carefully fine-tuned to the unique acoustics of its new home. But 3Destruct isn’t only sensitive to space, it’s also sensitive to people; as you react to and move about in the space, 3Destruct reacts to you, so that the installation inevitably takes on something of the character of the people exploring it.