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Acoustic Room

The bedroom recording revolution touched off by the advent of cheap laptops and DAWs has led to a new kind of studio practise, where the control room and live room are one and the same.

What this setup lacks in sonic perfection, it makes up for in spontaneity, with the musician and producer in the same room, and more often than not, the same person, ideas can be captured on the spot, and a lot of what used to be thought of as pre-production, hanging out, jamming, making rough recordings and capturing ideas on the fly, is now the very stuff from which great records are made. Loop’s Acoustic Room is designed to satisfy the curiosity of producers working in this way, and help you get the most out of a one-room setup. It’s a space for collaboration and play, guided by artists and producers whose work crosses the line between electro-acoustic experiment and digital recording. To sign up for a session at the Acoustic Room, visit the Hub, or talk to the Loop volunteer working at the door.

The Acoustic Room is made possible by our partners, Just Music

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