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Alice Eldridge – Feedback Cello

Educator and researcher Alice Eldridge is the co-creator of the hybrid electro-acoustic instrument known as the Feedback Cello.

A electric pick-up is mounted on the body of a cello – but any resemblance to the electric guitar ends here. Instead of trying to minimise feedback with a solid body and an amp placed a safe distance from the instrument, Eldridge installs a speaker and amp right inside the resonating body of the cello. The resulting feedback causes the strings to self-vibrate, creating rich drones and textures which Eldridge and her partner Chris Kiesler manipulate in their performance; shaping the sound physically with hands on the instrument, or algorithmically using electronic effects and processes. Following a short performance, Eldridge invites you to gather around the Maker Zone workbench and take a closer look at their creation.