Bass Management Bootcamp with Flava D

Bass is an essential element of modern electronic production. The feeling of massive low end on a well-tuned sound system can be transcendent – and it can really make or break the emotional impact of your music. However, getting the bass just right in your productions can be extremely elusive.

In this workshop/studio session for bass music producers, UK grime, garage, house and hip-hop producer Flava D will share her approaches to the low end in music production as well as provide concrete strategies for getting your bass sounding up to modern standards. You'll gain an understanding of how bass works and will learn practical techniques for producing bass that makes good use of club sound systems and gets bodies moving on the dancefloor.


Workshops are for small groups and require pre-registration. Workshops are only accessible if you have a ticket which includes access to the Workshops and Studio Sessions program – for information, check the FAQ. Registration is now open.