Beatboxes from Wire and Wood: A Look into the Instrument Creator's Workshop with Koka Nikoladze

Digital devices and software are not the only means of making electronic sounds. Koka Nikoladze makes acoustic instruments that draw on the sound palette of the electronic music tradition. The motors, springs and other objects are contact-miked and physically manipulated to create a unique sound and performance experience.

In this performative presentation, Nikoladze will demonstrate and then play a series of his custom-built instruments – which he conceives of as compositions in themselves. We will learn about his process and the line of thinking that led him to practice his music in this way. Along the way, we’ll consider what it means to make electronic sound, and whether sound design necessarily implies synthesis. By discussing and demonstrating how physicalizing sound production can make electronic music performance more palpable, relatable, and dramatic, this session will inspire you to make your own contraptions for use in sound design and performance.