Beyond Curriculum Roundtable: New Perspectives in Music Education

Music education can unlock creativity, help young people discover the joy of making music, and enable them to make the music they are inspired by. Yet whether inside or outside of an institutional setting, there remain a number of constraints – cultural, financial, technological – that limit the potential of music education.

This roundtable invites everyone interested in innovative and inspiring approaches to music education for a joint brainstorming and discussion on exemplary music learning processes and environments, both in formal and informal settings, and across different age groups. Leaving all existing constraints aside, we will talk about how we imagine music education in an ideal world. To conclude the session, we hope to be able to compile the starting point for a kind of manifesto for music education, which we can use for inspiration, as well as developing new education frameworks and activities.

The roundtable format is a conversation with everyone around the table, based on an exchange of experiences and peer-to-peer learning. It relies on the collective experience and shared knowledge of all who take part.