Blind Date

Loop is a social space where we hope music-makers will meet and collaborate, usually in that order. But what if the process is reversed?

In music, as in everyday life, we regularly pre-judge the people we meet based on their appearance or initial behaviour, and this shapes the way we play music with them. What kind of music would you make with someone about whom you knew nothing at all? In Blind Date, two players, at either end of a long, curved corridor, are invited to jam with one another via Ableton Link, creating a spontaneous composition with an invisible partner. When it’s done, the players are invited to step away from the screen and meet in the middle, just like on one of those TV dating shows from the 80s and 90s - but with a much better soundtrack.

Open: 10am - 8.30pm daily

Did you guys hit it off? Plan your second music-date for the Jam Room, with Akkamiau’s ‘Call me Maybe?’.