Building Creative Ecosystems with Butterz

Representing grime long before the genre’s breakout moment, Butterz built its reputation by championing dubplate culture and shining a light on the unsung hero producer. Founded in 2010 by longtime friends Elijah & Skilliam, Butterz is known to the public as an independent record label, event promoter and radio show. But to its artists, Butterz is a partner and facilitator, enabling them to keep control of their music, and providing a platform in pursuit of their creative goals.

As part of a series of talks on Creative Ecosystems, Elijah will present Butterz and its manifesto for supporting artists, music and the wider scene. He’ll be joined by artists Swindle and Flava D – both members of the Butterz family – who will discuss what it means to be part of the ecosystem, and how a supportive label can represent much more than releases.