Building Creative Ecosystems with Discwoman

Discwoman is a New York-based music collective and booking agency formed in in 2014 as a platform to showcase and represent female and non-binary artists in electronic music. The group operates under the motto “Amplify each other“ expressing both their practice of mutual support, and making their voices heard to inspire others through their visibility in an otherwise male-dominated industry.

As part of a series of discussions on creative ecosystems, Discwoman members Shyboi, Stud1nt and DJ Haram will join us to share their experiences with collective organisation. They’ll discuss processes for collaboration, decision making, dealing with conflict, and how the collective helps them in their individual artistic paths.

While much music is informed by scenes and subcultural groups, eventually the focus is often on the individual and star. The activities and mechanics of Discwoman offer a chance to reflect on collective structures as a tool for a more communal way of thinking, working and challenging the concept of individualism in music.