Composing for Music Libraries with Premium Beat, Geoffroy Sauve & Dirk Ehlert

Music libraries provide agencies, video creators, games companies and a host of other content makers with high quality music tailored to suit the needs of their project. The world of library music is an opaque one to many music makers, but can be a creative outlet for prolific creators, and a stable source of income for many music makers.

Geoffroy Sauve is a Montreal-based singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist. He’s also an artist manager at PremiumBeat, a curated music library that provides music for use in videos, films, apps, games, and television programming. Geoffroy recruits music producers & composers from around the world and works alongside them to offer support and creative development as library composers. In this talk, he’ll explain what it means to compose for moving-image: recipes for composition; how to put yourself in the shoes of a music buyer; and how library music differs from writing music for purely artistic purposes.

He’ll be joined onstage by Dirk Ehlert, an accomplished composer for film, games, advertising and television where his music has been used by networks including MTV, HBO & NBC. Dirk will give concrete examples of library compositions and share his workflow & process, analysing structural elements and giving advice on technique and production tricks.