East African Drumming Workshop

From Egypt to Lake Victoria, the diverse drumming styles of East Africa have had an immense influence on modern music, infiltrating genres and helping to develop new ones. The field is full of interesting instruments, rhythms, patterns and conventions that inspire fresh musical perspectives.

Following an introduction by Nile Project producer and CEO, Mina Girgis, this interactive drumming workshop will offer hands-on experience with East African drumming patterns, through the sounds of the ohangla, engalabi, engoma, arabic tabla, hana, Sudanese bongos, and dalouka. We’ll learn about polyrhythms, articulation, and how layered parts reinforce and contrast through rhythm games, call & response, and traditional stories.

This workshop is open to percussionists of all backgrounds, styles, and levels of experience. Instruments are not provided so please bring your hand drums.  

This Workshop is facilitated with funds by the Goethe Institute and the German Federal Foreign Office.