Fractal Fantasy

Fractal Fantasy is the Brainchild of Barcelona-based producers Zora Jones and Sinjin Hawke, a platform for the duo’s audio-visual experiments, including music videos, visuals for live shows, interactive experiences and installations.

If you’ve been following Fractal Fantasy’s output since 2013, you may have noticed the recurring appearance of a kind of liquid metal called ‘Ferrofluid’, pouring into vast concrete canyons, pulsing and quaking in response to their music. This chrome lava is more than a little like Fractal Fantasy itself; fluid and ever-expanding; futuristic, bordering on accelerationist, updating the modernist dream of becoming metallised for a generation raised on CGI and Hype Williams videos, but also visceral and bodily. This holds true for almost everything else in the FF universe; it’s a place where metal spheroids throb like beating hearts, and architectural forms twist and strain like sinew. This year at Loop, Jones, Hawke, and frequent collaborator Mika Chernov invite you to step inside their world and become Ferrofluid, or whatever else pops into their minds. Fractal Fantasy is a platform for the artists to do what they like, when they like. At Loop, this process happens in real time, as Chernov, Hawke and Jones mix and manipulate sound and image, and bring their private universe to life in three dimensions.

Artists : Zora Jones, Sinjin Hawke, Mika Chernov

If you’re feeling inspired, and would like to know how to create your own video animations for shows, join Hidde de jong and Mattijs Kneppers in the Maker Zone for Videosync.