Ghost in the Machine: Using Randomness Creatively

Discussion about creativity in music making often center around inspiration – translating the ideas in your head into something audible. But that’s not the only way to approach the process. Experimentation is all about coming up with and working to a set of rules without exactly knowing what the finished product will be.

Mixing theory and practice, this workshop will demonstrate that randomness is not neccesarily chaos – as long as you set the rules. After learning about the relevant tools and parameters to use, we’ll explore tricks and techniques such as ‘humanizing’ beats using velocity and grooves, evolutive sound design, and random generators for drum machine patterns and harmonies. Together we’ll discover how random and generative processes can lead to new and creative musical outcomes.

No experience is necessary for this workshop. Please bring your laptop.

This workshop is facilitated by funds from the Goethe Institute and the German Federal Foreign Office

Workshop I Friday 14:45 - 16:45, IT Lab

Workshop II Sunday 16:30 - 18:30, EMP Lab