The Golden Record: 2017 Edition

NASA’s Golden Records, packed aboard the Voyager space probes as they set off into the unknown forty years ago, are perhaps the most famous playlists in history; a selection of sounds meant to represent the diversity of life on earth, as it seemed to the committee chaired by Carl Sagan at Cornell University in  1977.

Now, imagine you and your fellow Loop attendees are put in charge of compiling a new Golden Record. What would make the cut? In this meetup, we’ll put together a tracklist for a 2017 edition, based on your suggestions. Choose a song, a piece of music, a spoken text or field recording, and bring it along to the Loop Board Room in a playable format, on your phone or laptop. Be prepared to talk about why you think your selection deserves its place on the record, and what you think it would tell its extra-terrestrial audience about life on earth, circa 2017. To join the discussion, sign up at the Marketplace on Friday before 7pm.