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Graphic and Text Scores: Music on and off the grid

Jamming in the studio can be a good way to generate ideas, but it’s got its own traps and pitfalls, some of which are lurking right there in the instruments themselves.

Guitars, bass and drums are culturally loaded objects which can push us towards certain habits of playing and listening, without us even being aware of it. How to get away from, or around these cliches? In this workshop, composer and guitarist Maya Shenfeld introduces the concept of Graphic and Text scores, works written in non-standard musical notation using drawing, colour, diagrams and words. For the composers of these works, Pauline Oliveros, Christian Wolff and Christopher Hobbs, graphic and text scores were specifically designed to upend traditional music structures, and to respond more flexibly to emerging electronic recording and production techniques. In Shenfeld’s hands, these decades-old scores come back to life, offering a road map toward new musical possibilities for the 21st century.

Artist : Maya Shenfeld