HHV Record Stall

A mainstay of Berlin's music scene brings a piece of the city's street life to the Funkhaus

While not celebrated to the extent of its clubs, the Berlin 'Spätkauf' (literally 'late shop') is an essential part of the city's night-life, selling beer, soft drinks, cigarettes and sweet treats into the early hours. Step into Loop's Hub, and you might think one of these had opened up inside the Funkhaus. In fact, you're looking at an installation by Berlin's HHV records, a pop-up vinyl store cleverly disguised as a 'Späti', complete with trompe-l'oeil images of chocolate bars and breathmints in front of the counter. It's a fitting front for HHV - founded in 2002 to plug what its founders saw as a gap in the market for hip hop vinyl in Berlin, the store has always kept one eye on the street. At Loop, HHV bring a choice selection of the 70,000 pieces of vinyl they have in stock for your digging pleasure, along with new releases by Loop artists for sale.