Leon Theremin's Rhythmicon Workshop

Though it was never mass produced, the Rhythmicon, invented by Leon Theremin in the 1930s, is widely acknowledged as the world’s first drum machine – able to play polyrhythms in loops. Today, its uniqueness and rarity continue to hold a fascination for musicians across the world.Andrey Smirnov has adapted one of only three Rhythmicon units ever built for the 21st century using Bluetooth and Max/MSP.

This workshop offers an overview of the technical possibilities of the Rhythmicon, and explores some basics of the theory of rhythm related to it. Demonstrating and explaining his extensions and software, Andrey will also share the virtual version of the Rhythmicon with samples of original sounds, so you can play the revered instrument from your own computer.
Please bring your laptop with MAX/MSP installed (runtime mode will be fine).


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