From vinyl crackle to 8-bit crunch, the ‘warmth’ of valve amps to the warp and fuzz of videotape, some of the most sought-after sounds in the world of electronic music were at one time regarded as annoying artefacts; glitches in the communication chain that engineers worked hard to eliminate.

Looking back, it sometimes seems as though the noise in these signals was the most interesting thing about them. Indeed, it’s one of the underlying themes of this year’s Loop to look a little closer at these artefacts, the unintentional evidence of our recording processes that, like it or not, will later mark our efforts as belonging to this particular time in music history. Benjamin Jefferys’ installation fast-tracks the process and celebrates the glitch. LOOPOOL invites you to share and record your impressions of Loop. These recordings are ‘pooled’, and then occasionally merged into a video loop which is gradually subjected to subtle forms of digital distortion, the audio signal corrupted by rogue sounds, the image warped and soaked in colour. Check back in on LOOPOOL an hour, or a day after making your contribution, and you may see yourself transformed and combined with images and sounds from other attendees, to create a glitchy, dreamy, abstract impression of your collective Loop experience.

Artist: Benjamin Jefferys