Jam & Create

The Maker Zone

The Maker Zone is a space for workshops, demonstrations and meetups in a casual, eclectic atmosphere.

As the name suggests, it’s a place for artists and researchers to show off their inventions, but it’s also a place for you to pick up new skills and techniques and create something of your own. Learn how to make a tape loop or a scratch box, find out what the world’s music-making community is up to with teachers and students from Give Something Back to Berlin and Peter Kirn of CDM. Try a bass-shaker, a finger-tingler or a Firefader with instrument-builders Lauren Hayes and Alexandros Kontogeorgakopolous, and watch performances for Feedback Cello and electromechanical synth by Alice Eldridge and Gijs Gieskes. Unlike other workshops at Loop, there’s no need to pre-register for any events in Maker Zone, just sign up for a session at the door or at the Hub.

From Finger-Tinglers to Bass Shakers – Vibrotactile Haptics for feeling sound, with Lauren Hayes

Haptics – electronic instruments with physical feel, with Alexandros Kontogeorgakopolous

From Cut-Ups to Community – workshop on experimental music and intercultural communication with Give Something Back to Berlin

Making it On The Spot - Analogue Synths for Live shows, with Mark Verbos

Tapes On Tapes – Cassette Loops and Scratch Boxes with Marie e le Rose (female:pressure)

Open Tools Meetup - A get-together to exchange, discover, and collaborate on open and handmade hardware and software, with Peter Kirn (CDM)

Videosync – Creating and mixing video in Live, with Hidde de Jong and Mattijs Kneppers

Alice Eldridge – Feedback Cello

Gijs Gieskes – performance for electro-acoustic instruments