Studio Session

Mastering Class with Pole

What are the essentials of good mastering? How does one become a mastering engineer? What are the basic skills, equipment and techniques one needs? Can mastering be done “in the box” with a standard DAW or is specialized software and hardware required? 

Renowned electronic musician and mastering engineer Stefan Betke, aka Pole, will delve into these questions more during this one hour studio session on the theory and practice of mastering. Drawing on his decades-long experience behind the boards, Pole will demystify the process of how recordings get their final polish. He’ll also discuss what music makers should be mindful of in their productions in order to get the best results form the mastering process.


Studio Sessions are for small groups and require pre-registration. Sessions are only accessible if you have a ticket which includes access to the Workshops and Studio Sessions program – for information, check the FAQ. Registration is now open.