Meet, Mate, Create, Participate: A Conversation with Honey Dijon

Club culture was once synonymous with safe spaces for marginalized people. Today, however, it’s becoming an increasingly consumerist and middle-class form of entertainment, giving rise to environments where counterculture is frowned upon.

In the 1980s, young black men in the US encountered profiling, racial inequalities and violence; almost four decades on, sadly, little has changed. Yet house music would not have happened without the movement’s marginalized pioneers and the safe spaces of early club culture.

This presentation will delve into the origins of club culture, and why it remains so important to marginalized people – and the wider culture today. Speaking from her experience as a black trans female DJ in dance music, Honey Dijon will share first-hand stories from influential but little-known Chicago clubs, the female DJs that were integral to electronic music, and the role of the LGBTQ community in the scene – past, present and future.