MusAIcal Corposition: Artificial Intelligence, Large Audio Collections and You with Nick Collins

The title of this presentation stems from two easily misread neologisms that denote two new areas of activity: 'corposition' as the exploitation of large audio file corpora for composition and 'musAIc' as the building of artificially intelligent musical agents for studio work and live performance.

There is an exciting potential for artificial intelligence within new music, though we should be cautious as to where the state of the art in machine listening and music understanding really lies; no human musicians will be replaced during this talk, though hopefully some might consider how new AI tech can transform their practice.

Much of the latest developments rest on automatic audio analysis and machine learning across large collections of audio files, and Nick Collins will describe various projects, from the interactive performance system Schubot to the algorithmic composers Ed SheerAI and AIdele. We'll also meet an artificial judging trio used for a dubstep remix competition, and the near instantaneous mass creation of electronic dance music materials in the Autom8 system.