Music as a Voice in Society

The world sometimes feels in a state of strife. Political upheaval and social fragmentation are becoming the norm, with opinion both ceaseless and polarized. This can leave us with with feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, or just complete confusion.

For some, making music is a form of escapism – a creative diversion from an intense world. Others find that these turbulent times challenge our notions of what it means to be a creative, and how our music can make positive contributions towards the things we care about.

Music has long history as a medium to comment on the struggles of society and as a rallying cry for like-minded individuals, a way to organise and structure, and an opportunity to build values and beliefs into the creative practice.

In this discussion, Akala, Mat Dryhurst, SHYBOI and The Nile Project’s Mina Girgis and Jackline Kasiva Mutu will talk about how their music and practices respond to, embrace, reflect, or transcend the perspectives of the issues they care about. How can music form part of an activist practice? How can it be a vehicle to deal with emotions, opinions and the world around us? How can music inspire new futures? How can our music support a cause and help us support each other?