New Horizons in Music: Polyrhythms with Adam Neely

Adam Neely is a New York- based session bassist, multi-instrumentalist, educator and YouTuber. His hugely popular YouTube channel explores ‘new horizons in music’, investigating musical concepts, curiosities and theories in accessible, bite-sized chunks – often in the context of contemporary pop music.

Adam’s videos cover topics as simple as “What makes a song sound like Christmas?” or “Which key is the saddest?” and as esoteric as “Musical Fractals” and “Jazz fusion re-harmonization” – all in a tone that’s as witty and accessible as it is informative and brain-frying.

In this presentation, Adam brings his below-the-radar music theory to the Loop stage, taking aim at polyrhythms and the history of their application in music. He’ll explain what polyrhythms are, explore some practical approaches to performing them and will look back at polyrhythms in use before the 19th century. He’ll also dig into the relationship between polyrhythms frequencies of the visible light spectrum, pushing open the doors of perception not just to what music is, but what it could have been had our perceptions been minutely different.