The Nile Project Performance

The River Nile flows through 11 African countries and is a key source of fresh water – but sharing this resource presents political and economic challenges. The Nile Project brings together artists from all the Nile countries, representing over 450 million people, to compose new music that combines the rich diversity of one of the oldest inhabited regions on Earth. Made up of 35 members, the collective uses modern organizational concepts such as systems thinking, network theory, and participatory leadership to collaborate across diverse musical backgrounds.

Hosted by Frances Morgan and featuring Mina Girgis, founder of The Nile Project, and musicians Kasiva Mutua and Michael Bazibu, this session will start with a discussion of the background and mission of The Nile Project, and explain how the collective writes, records, collaborates, and travels the world to inspire, teach, and connect Nile citizens, with the overall goal of cultivating the sustainability of their river. The conversation will be followed by a 90 minute performance.

This performance is facilitated by funds from the Goethe Institute and the German Federal Foreign Office.