Plotting the Future of Web Audio

Music software is not neutral. It dictates, to some degree, the type of music we will make, tacitly encouraging (or discouraging) certain styles, genres, and tropes. Environments like Pure Data, Max, and Supercollider allow musicians to create their own software instruments, enabling them to bypass some of the impositions found in "traditional" music software. Web Audio, in providing very low-level audio nodes, is arguably more impartial. The approach also fosters collaboration and is ideally suited to interdisciplinary projects.

This discussion gathers Web Audio experts to share their experience and insight about the technology, its application and potential. We’ll explore the web as a platform for artistic expression, and look at the benefits of browser-based tools over more conventional ones. We’ll also dive into the role of the wider web-dev community in your work with Web Audio, and examine its intersection with internet culture. The panel will include practical tips on how to work within a browser, the limitations and creative solutions, and why it could become a favorite for future instrument designers