The Screen Is Your Stage: Making Music for Online Audiences

In 2017, YouTube is an essential medium for the communication of music. As a video platform, its offerings are provided by a vast international network of contributors creating content about a huge array of topics. Many of these contributors have developed uniquely stylised approaches to aesthetics, narrative and their topic of choice.

This discussion brings together three music makers who are exemplary in using YouTube to explore their musical creativity. Andrew Huang, Rachel Collier and Adam Neely have many millions of video views between them, and each takes a different approach to expressing their artistic vision and showcasing their craft.

We’ll discuss how video has become a medium of choice for communicating their work; how they found a unique voice; the process through which they develop ideas, and how they bring them to the screen. We’ll also talk about why music making process, theory and performance resonates with such large numbers of people online, and how other music makers can get involved and make the screen their stage.