Sonic Bed

Furniture, sculpture or musical composition?

Kaffe Matthews’ Sonic Bed is a little of all three, and something more. It’s a big, comfortable bed in a low-lit room, a mysterious object with a powerful presence, and a formidable sound-generator, whose built-in 12-channel speaker system sends deep drones and buzzing frequencies into the air around it. But as Matthews herself takes care to remind us, you could see and hear all this and still miss out on the best part. Because the real power of Sonic Bed doesn’t reveal itself until you climb in and have a lie down, which Matthews here invites you to do (once you’ve removed your shoes, of course). Once you get in, an array of custom-designed speakers goes to work, weaving dense layers of sound and vibration up and down the length of the bed, in what Matthews describes as “a sound massage”, a composition you can feel with your whole body.

At present, there are only a few Sonic Beds in the world, but Matthews hopes this will change. She sees the Bed as a prototype for a new mode of listening, which might one day take its place alongside the car radio, the smartphone, the home stereo and the concert hall as a place for everyone to hear and experience sound. Imagine: a Sonic Bed in every home, and every day begins and ends with a Sound Massage…

Open daily from 10am until closing. Please remove your shoes.

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