Sounds of the Diaspora: An Exchange of Experiences with Khaled Kurbeh and Guests

Diasporas are the musical laboratories out of which new rhythms, styles and genres emerge, as formerly disparate musical traditions are brought into contact with one another.

This roundtable discussion aims to explore how exiled musicians contribute to their new local music scenes and how their own music may change, inspired by their new surroundings.

What opportunities for music education are available for the newcomers? And in particular, what is the role of informal, self-organized education projects in this context and how can they serve as an impulse to improve the quality and range of offerings in musical education overall? What difficulties do these initiatives face in terms of bureaucracy, keeping the students engaged, and staying true to the core concept without serving anyone's agenda? How do musicians find their way into new local music scenes, get bookings and publish new releases, based on the quality of their content without falling in the trap of 'interest based on identity'.

The roundtable format is a conversation with everyone around the table, based on an exchange of experiences and peer-to-peer learning. It relies on the collective experience of freely sharing the knowledge of all who take part.