Sounds of Today, Sounds of Tomorrow

A changing world and environment requires new sonic vocabularies that describe, reflect and shape our evolving realities. At the same time, music can help us get out of established frames of mind, and encourage thinking and feeling beyond established narratives. In other words, when we lack the ideas for an alternative future, can music show the way?

This conversation brings together four producers who have developed new sounds and styles, and are interested in the wider cultural context of music. We’ll explore the producers' individual paths and creative practices, their motivations, and how they develop their musical ideas. The discussion will also address musical innovation in more general terms, examining how music reflects and interacts with the world, what influences the drive to innovate, and the importance of a community or scene for the development of sounds. We’ll finish with a roundup of upcoming developments, in both the producers' own practices and their hopes for music communities at large.