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Tapes On Tapes – Cassette Loops and Scratch Boxes

The loop is the basic unit of electronic music, as simple as highlighting four bars and hitting play, or tapping your foot on a pedal.

But before there were digital loops, the loop was a physical object: a short piece of magnetic tape with its end joined to its beginning which, when run past a playback head, created an endlessly repeating motif. While digital looping might seem to have made the tape version obsolete, present-day artists such as William Basinski, Sculpture, and Florence-based composer and sound designer Marie e le Rose have found they have a rickety charm of their own. In this workshop, Rose shows you how to make a simple tape loop using a walkman and cassette, and further explores the potential of tape with scratch boxes, cassette delays and more.

Host : Marie e le Rose (female:pressure)