With TouchMe, Atelier Playtronica invite you to become a part of a human music controller.

The Moscow-based creative community has already coaxed electronic sound out of fruits, vegetables, bowls of jelly and a game of slack-line. In fact, Playtronica see the whole world of objects as instruments just waiting to discover themselves as such, and that includes you. Take off your shoes, step onto their silver-foil stage, and you’re a part of the circuit. Hold hands with someone, and a tone plays; touch fingers one by one, and a melody fills the air. TouchMe responds to changes in pressure and surface area, translating even the smallest gestures into sound, allowing enormous scope for performance that blurs the boundary between dance and musical improvisation. It’s playful, as the group’s name suggests, but with a serious purpose; if TouchMe makes us feel like kids again, it’s because Playtronica see a kind of lost potential in the way we looked at the world as children. “Remember when everything around was alive?” Like true 21st-century romantics, Playtronica are on a mission to re-enchant the world.

Performances of ‘Touch Me’ take place daily at 7.00pm. To take part in the event, sign up at the Marketplace. If you’d like to meet Atelier Playtronica and explore some of their ‘Sound Objects’, join Jenny and Sasha at the installation every day at 3pm - 4.30pm

For another perspective on the hidden musical potential of everyday objects, join Nick Feldman for his workshop on Creative Sampling in the Acoustic Room.

Artist : Atelier Playtronica