Jam & Create

Creating and mixing video in Live, with Hidde de Jong and Mattijs Kneppers

Hidde de Jong and Mattijs Kneppers are the creators of Videosync, an ingenious piece of software which adds video capabilities to Ableton Live, allowing you to easily create, loop and mix video content with any Live session, in synch with your track.

So far, it’s been used in multimedia art installations, as a live accompaniment to shows by Feed Me, Kölsch, Dekmantel, Asko/Schönberg ensemble, and even as part of a performance by a woodwind quartet. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use the Session View to create a musical video performance, expanding the scope of your live set and exploring the possibilities that arise when you can control video the same way you would music. Bring your tracks, sessions and video ideas, and learn how to put it all together.

Hosts : Hidde de Jong, Mattijs Kneppers