Young Producers Roundtable: Building Networks of Support

Since the shift to software-based music production and internet-based circulation, it’s clear that the technological, economic and social conditions for young music makers are very different from those faced by older generations. Certain older ideals persist, however, and influence how we think about things like originality, virtuosity, locality, and professionalism. Do these aspects also need a rethink? With so much of our interactions taking place online, who do we learn from, and who are the gatekeepers of ‘success’? How do we progress from DIY to professional, and what does a career in music even look like these days? How is originality defined? What should a modern musical education include?

To begin to address such questions, the Young Producers Roundtable takes a novel format, relying not on experts but on collective experience and shared knowledge. Emerging producers at any level are encouraged to sign up and share your experience as a young music maker.

This roundtable focuses on the topic of collaboration, asking how we can support each other in our different artistic paths, and how the creative freedom of DIY can be transposed into a Do-It-Together approach. When we create in our home studio and meet our peers online instead of in physical neighbourhoods, how do we collaborate? Is face-to-face interaction still important? The networks we form and join – online and off – allow us to support and inspire each other in our creative work, help with education, push each other's career, and build visions and activities to shape our musical futures