Young Producers Roundtable: From D.I.Y. to Professional

Since the shift to software-based music production and internet-based circulation, the technological, economic and social conditions for young music makers have become very different from those faced by older generations. Certain older ideals persist, however, and influence how we think about things like originality, virtuosity, locality, and professionalism. Do these aspects also need a rethink? With so much of our interactions taking place online, who do we learn from, and who are the gatekeepers of ‘success’? How is originality defined? What should a modern musical education include?

To begin to address such questions, the Young Producers Roundtable takes a novel format, relying not on experts but on collective experience and shared knowledge. Emerging producers at any level are encouraged to sign up and share your experience as a young music maker.

This roundtable looks into the professional development of upcoming producers. When software allows for an entire production cycle on your laptop and you can publish your track at the push of a button, how do you progress from a DIY to a professional producer – and how useful and relevant is this question today? Whether it’s insecurities about finishing a track, seeking collaborators at different stages of your professional paths, or exploring and influencing the expectations in your environments, there are many issues to talk about.