Young Producers Roundtable: Finding Your Voice

Since the shift to software-based music production and internet-based circulation, it’s clear that the technological, economic and social conditions for young music makers are very different from those faced by older generations. Certain older ideals persist, however, and influence how we think about things like originality, virtuosity, locality, and professionalism. Do these aspects also need a rethink? With so much of our interactions taking place online, who do we learn from, and who are the gatekeepers of ‘success’? How do we progress from DIY to professional, and what does a career in music even look like these days? How is originality defined? What should a modern musical education include?

To begin to address such questions, the Young Producers Roundtable takes a novel format, relying not on experts but on collective experience and shared knowledge. Emerging producers at any level are encouraged to sign up and share your experience as a young music maker.

This roundtable explores the notion of finding your own artistic voice. With so much music already out there, yet so many possibilities and inspirations than ever – is it easier or harder to develop a unique approach to music today? We’ll also ask if artistic identity is related to place, or to a certain context or scene and what role that plays in your music. Is originality still a useful category? Are you inspired or overwhelmed by all the presets, examples and choices available to you? How have you arrived at your sound and where do you want to go from here?