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We are Loop

This is the sound of Loop's Hollywood edition, a playlist of tracks by music-makers who'll be joining us for this year's summit.

Loop 2018 line-up

A spotters’ guide to the music-makers invited to Loop’s Hollywood edition. Featuring artists from 15 different countries, and a diverse array of sounds, from neo-Thai funk and dub reggae, to post-footwork experimentalism and minimalist patterns for alto saxophone.

A guide to EastWest Studios

The historic East West studios on Sunset Boulevard is one of three main venues for Loop this year. Take a trip through the studios’ extraordinary history with this chronological playlist of music recorded there between 1965 and today.

The dublab guide to LA

dublab is a non-profit radio station, charting the growth of Los Angeles' music and culture since 1999. We've invited them to Loop to broadcast daily from the Montalban rooftop, and also to share their deep knowledge of LA music culture with you in the form of this playlist, featuring picks by all the station's DJs.

Beat us to it

No sooner had we announced our collaborative playlist of music by Loop attendees, than we dicovered this, a collaborative playlist of music by Loop attendees, created by Matthew Victory. Nice one, Matt!