Adam Roberts

Adam Roberts is a senior software engineer and machine learning researcher with a focus on music technology.

He earned his PhD in Computer Science with a Designated Emphasis in Computational Genomics at UC Berkeley. After, in 2013, he joined Google and began to apply his work on DNA sequences to note sequences. Roberts became a founding member of Magenta, a Google Brain project, researching the generative applications of neural networks to enable new modes of creative exploration for musicians and artists.

Roberts has led multiple Magenta projects spanning both research and applications including MusicVAE  and Magneta.js. He is currently focused on making machine-learning technology accessible through web applications and integration with widely used tools like Ableton Live.

At Loop, Roberts will discuss his work on the Magenta project alongside Jesse Engel, as part of the Computer as Collaborator panel.

Adam Roberts


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Computer as Collaborator: machine learning and the creative practice