Alexia Riner

Alexia Riner is an LA-based electronic producer and DJ who specializes in building complex soundscapes, and pairing them with her soft, luscious vocal lines. She also creates interactive experiences fusing music, technology and other mediums.

After receiving a dual-degree from Berklee College of Music in Electronic Production & Sound Design and Film Scoring, she moved to Los Angeles with the aim of bringing something innovative and unique to electronic music. Since the release of her debut album Darknet, she has performed both in the US and internationally, produced for artists such as Madame Gandhi, and worked on sound design for companies such as Native Instruments. Her sound installations have most notably included a piece for the MOCA in Miami, entitled Composition in Fourteen Tones. She is currently finishing her second solo album, continuing her work with installations, producing for various artists, and DJing globally.

At Loop, Riner will be collaborating with Angelica Tavella on an audio-reactive installation called Perimeter, exploring the theme of perceived boundaries with music, microcontrollers and small computers. She's also composing a “walkmix”, an original composition for Loop attendees to listen to while they walk from the Montalbán theatre to EastWest Studios.

Alexia Riner


Alexia Riner, Angelica Tavella