Astrid Bin

Dr Astrid Bin is an artist and technologist.

Her work has been exhibited internationally and stretches across and through many disciplines, including installation, sound, video, performance, and online works, as well as the design of experiences, interfaces, objects and interaction. Her works mediate on the beauty in the everyday, the intersection of humanity, culture and technology, the materials that surround us, and all the ways in which we make, prevent and atone for mistakes. Her PhD research explored how the design of a digital musical instrument's software, hardware and phsyicality can include the opportunity for human error. She is also one of the founding developers of Bela (, the platform beautifully responsive sensors and sound.

She is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Music Technology at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

This year at Loop, Astrid will be part of the panel for the Physical Instruments discussion.

Astrid Bin


Astrid Bin, Dan Moses, Peter Kirn, Stephanie Cheng Smith

Touch, Code, Play: creating hybrid physical-digital music instruments