Binkbeats is Frank Wienk, a Dutch percussionist / producer and the creator of the Beats Unraveled YouTube series.

Wienk has spent the majority of his life studying the relationship between object and sound, and is an expert drummer and percussionist. He made his mark with Beats Unraveled, which saw him translating such artists as Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin and J. Dilla to tangible, acoustic arrangements with a vast collection of instruments ranging from vibraphone and guzheng (Chinese harp) to typewriters.

Beats Unraveled marked an exploratory phase where Wienk recreated sounds with his own instruments and gear. Now composing original Binkbeats material, he stretches his sonic purview further to include cavernous four-to-the-floor club sprawlers, widescreen pop euphoria and brooding drone workouts – all with the goal of spawning something surreal out of the earthly.

Binkbeats will explore the idea of live performance in electronic music in depth at Loop by examining what it means to ‘play live’ while reverse-engineering sample-based genres using mostly acoustic sources.



Binkbeats, Dennis DeSantis

Binkbeats: performative presentation