Coco Solid

Musician, writer and visual artist Coco Solid is Jessica Hansell, a Māori/Samoan/German artist from Auckland, New Zealand.

Hansell came up through underground punk and rap scenes, before building a discography of wild disco-rap with Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation), swamp-punk grunge-electro with Badd Energy (Flying Nun) and radical rap with the nine-member collective Fanau Spa. A Red Bull Music Academy alumni, she also has a background in literature and journalism and is currently completing her first book (due in 2019) while undertaking a Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Hawai’i.

Hansell plays an active role in many projects. She heads Kuini Qontrol, an “accidental label, club night, podcast umbrella” which she uses to amplify women, LGBTI, queer and decolonising voices in the Pacific. She spearheaded Equalise My Vocals, an online interview series, panel events and live show project that advocates for safety and equality in New Zealand music. Hansell is the first New Zealand woman to write and direct an adult animation for network television with her cult family sitcom Aroha Bridge, and is also part of the Māori/Pasifika screenwriters community, Piki Films.

Hansell will bring her insights about the art of storytelling to Loop, with her main stage presentation and hour-long Studio Session.

Coco Solid


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