David Reid

London-native David Reid is Ableton’s Marketing and Communications Manager for North America. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Working in the music industry for over twenty years, David came up DJ’ing and working in record stores, indulging his vinyl habit by day and spinning his latest discoveries by night at clubs and festivals across the UK. His passion for new music caught the attention of Sony Music who hired him at the age of 22. He spent almost a decade at the company, working with a diverse roster of emerging artists including Jeff Buckley, Fugees, Leftfield, Korn and many others.

An ongoing fascination with music creation and technology resulted in the release of a number of self-produced records between 2001 and 2006 and led him to the nascent Point Blank Music School in London where he shared his industry experience with students and established the brand internationally via an award-winning portfolio of educational content. David joined Ableton in 2013 and has been a member of the Loop programming team since 2016.

This year at Loop, David will host a discussion about the creative relationship between musicians and filmmakers.

David Reid


David Reid, Drum & Lace, Jimmy LaValle

Sound and Vision: composing for films