David Zicarelli

David Zicarelli is the founder and CEO of Cycling ’74 and has been a driving force behind Max – the interactive programming environment – for the past 30 years.

Out of his house in Santa Cruz, California, Zicarelli coordinates a 100% distributed organization that has produced a series of innovative developments including MSP for audio (1997), Jitter for visual media (2001), Max for Live (2009) and Gen for DSP and shader code generation (2011).

Prior to working on Max and founding Cycling ’74, he wrote one of the first graphical editors for a MIDI synthesizer, the MIDIMAC DX7 Patch Editor with Opcode Systems (1985) and the interactive composition programs M, Jam Factory, and OvalTune with Intelligent Music (1987).

This year at Loop, David will take part in Cycling 74’s multi-channel audio demonstration on stage at EastWest Studio 1.

David Zicarelli